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Flowers – The Perfect Punctuation for Your Valentine’s Day

The connection between flowers and Valentine’s Day is nothing new. Some people believe that the reason red roses symbolize the greatest expression of love is because according to Roman mythology, it was the favorite flower of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty.

Others speculate that the reason flowers are so much a part of Valentine’s Day gift giving is because during the 1700’s, Sweden’s King Charles II was so taken with the Persian tradition of the “language of flowers” that he brought the custom back to his own country. That prompted book publishers to print books about different flower meanings, and the books taught his subjects about the possibilities of communicating through flowers. Eventually, that tradition spread throughout the world.

The Meaning of Different Flower and Rose Colors

  • Pink – If you choose to give someone a bouquet of pink flowers, you’re sending a gentle message of love and happiness, but it also symbolizes grace and innocence. The Tickled Pink Bouquet is a mixed bouquet of pink flowers, including pink carnations, which let someone know that you’ll never forget them. A pink rose shows a friend or sweetheart, that you admire them.
  • A mixed bouquet of pink, red and white flowers such as the Loving Embrace, sends a message of love, passion, desire, respect, admiration, happiness, and gratitude.
  • Give a loved one an unexpected mixed bouquet. The Monet bouquet is all about sharing the Scents of the Season. It is filled with red roses, stargazer lilies, larkspur and viburnum. It mixes red, pink, white and green, and the combination of these colors sends a message of passion, deep love, commitment, sincerity, happiness, admiration and gratitude.

Roses may be the traditional Valentine’s Day flower, but that doesn’t mean that people who dare to be different, can’t show their love through different colored roses. When you mix pink and red roses together in the Love Medley bouquet, you send a message of love, passion and admiration. A bouquet of lavender roses carries a message of beauty. Lavender is symbolic of elegance, refinement, and grace. If you want to show someone you feel enthusiastic desire toward them, choose orange roses.

Whether you choose roses or decide on another type of flower, what matters most is the thought and care you put into choosing a bouquet. Don’t be afraid to add things to your bouquet. Look for arrangements that come with Teddy bears, chocolates, balloons or other decorative ornaments.