Blossom Flower Shops

Blossom Flower Shops

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Flowers and National Boss’s Day

National Boss’s Day is that time of year when employees find ways to let their managers know that they appreciate their leadership and the direction that they are taking the company. There are few gifts as universally appreciated and enjoyed as flowers. Flowers help to bring a bit of light and life into dark business buildings. As the seasons change and the outdoor blooms begin to pass away, there are few times that flower arrangements are more appreciated. Here are a few ideas for employees who are beginning to search for the perfect arrangement to celebrate National Boss’s Day.


National Boss’s Day falls in autumn, right as the leaves begin to change and temperatures begin to drop across the county. With this season comes a variety of beautiful, fall colored flowers that are perfect for celebrations. Consider gifting the boss with a bright arrangement full of stunning autumn hues, such as yellows, oranges, and greens. When these flowers have been expertly arranged, they will come together for a gorgeous bouquet that will light up any office.

Keeping with the autumn theme, employees can also consider going with flowers such as mums that are commonly associated with fall. The rich colors that these flowers offer make them a wonderful seasonal decoration.

Creativity with the arrangement

People tend to associate fall with harvests and putting fruits and vegetables in baskets. Instead of a standard glass vase, consider getting the arrangement in a basket. It will help to make the gift seem even more seasonally appropriate and will offer a friendly and decorative presentation. Fill the basket with some oversized flowers, such as sunflowers and lilies, to capture the look. Keeping with the yellows, oranges, and reds will make for the perfect fall gift arrangement.

For employees who want to get a creative arrangement holder that is a bit more formal, a Lenox collectible might just do the trick. These fine ivory china containers serve as perfect collectibles and can be used to store other flowers or arrangements at a later date. Have the bag filled with some gorgeous fall flowers and rich fall colors and give the perfect decoration that any boss should appreciate.

National Boss’s Day is the perfect time to let these managers know that their work and leadership is appreciated. Flowers brighten people’s moods, bring some light indoors, and serve as fantastic decorations for any room or office. Carefully consider the above flower options to see which one would be most appropriate for a particular boss.