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Posted by Kevin Kegan on April 22, 2014 | Last Updated: August 18, 2014 Uncategorized

What Flowers to Give on Administrative Professional’s Day

Administrative Professionals Week is one of the most significant commemorative work-related holidays and sending flowers or a plant is a thoughtful and traditional way to recognize it.

The holiday began in 1952 by the International Association of Administrative Professionals, and today it continues to be a widely recognized holiday that officially rewards the administrators that form the support system of your company. The day is important as your generosity will be appreciated and remembered throughout the year.

More than 4.1 million secretaries and administrative assistants form the administrative workforce in the U.S., according to U.S. Department of Labor statistics, and an additional 4 million work in other administrative roles.

Tips for selecting a bouquet include avoiding fragrant flowers that may aggravate allergies or have personal connotations, such as roses and carnations, and instead give a seasonal bouquet with bright, uplifting colors. A plant would also be appropriate for an office that values foliage throughout the year.

Flower selections that would make sense for an Administrative Professionals Day gift include the following:

  • The Chrysanthemum symbolizes optimism and loyalty, two qualities that are important for support staff professionals in handling daily tasks that ensure the office standards remain strong organized. It also represents joy and longevity, which are appreciated universally. White and yellow chrysanthemum are appropriate as an office gift, while red would be appropriate for only a personal gift.
  • The Iris symbolizes eloquence, wisdom and compliments. Purple, blue, and white irises are appropriate in a professional context. Avoid the white iris that is considered personal and connotes love.
  • The Orchid is an exotic flower that lasts many seasons, or even years, if cared for properly, and sends message of thoughtfulness, maturity and refinement. An elegant orchid is a classic gift for an individual or small office that would appreciate a single, poignant plant that demonstrates appreciation with subtlety and charm.
  • The Sunflower is a bright, large and unusual selection that commemorates pure thoughts, dedication and honesty, which can be accompanies by a bright seasonal floral arrangement to create a visually appealing and noteworthy gift. A sunflower brightens the mood of nearly everyone that encounters it, and would be an interesting addition to the interior of any office environment.

A plant selection that could thrive in an office with limited natural light is:

  • peace lily
  • Chinese evergreen
  • philodendron
  • fuchsia
  • impatiens
  • begonia