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Posted by Kevin Kegan on June 11, 2015 Uncategorized

Flowers for Summertime

summer flowersCelebrating summer means sitting outside with friends and family, going swimming, and enjoying some grilled food. Another excellent way to bring in the popular season is to enjoy some gorgeous summer blooms. At Blossom Flower, we find that summer is fantastic time to appreciate the seasonal blooms. There are some gorgeous flowers that are popular this time of year that are perfect for putting a smile on anyone’s face. We regularly hear from customers interested in learning more about how to care for these flowers so they can get the most from their beauty.


Lilies add a fantastic burst of color to any area. They do like direct sunlight and it is generally recommended that they receive several hours of sunlight each day. They do not require water everyday. Instead, people should focus on watering them deeply enough to reach the bulb and providing water every few days.

We love adding lilies to many of our arrangements as well. Our Sherbert arrangement includes yellow lilies with beautiful orange, purple, and green flowers. The lilies are the perfect complement to the arrangement and make it burst with color. This arrangement looks fantastic anywhere in the house.

summer flowers



Daisies are fantastic flowers for the summer. There are so many different varieties and colors of these blooms. Some people might prefer the classic white daisy while others might adore the purple coneflower or other options. Regardless of the type of daisy, the care is similar. Keep the flowers regularly watered and if the plant gets too big, consider staking it. Since daisies continue to bloom throughout their season, trim off old flowers as they fade to encourage the growth of new ones.

Daisies are also perfect additions to any arrangement, or completely by themselves as a bouquet. Our Daisy Days arrangement is always popular during the summer as the white flowers easily light up the room.

summer flowers

Daisy Days


Sunflowers, with their big and bold look, are a perfect flower for the summer. These flowers can grow taller than adults, making them an eye-catching bloom wherever they may be. It is generally a good idea to stake sunflowers that are growing higher than 3 feet to provide additional support. Make sure the flower has regular sunshine as well.

We enjoy adding sunflowers to many of our arrangements and find that they make an excellent contrast to many colors with their boldness.

summer flowers

Floral Embrace

Summer flowers are perfect for celebrating warm weather and the beauty of the outdoors. Properly caring for flowers is an excellent way to ensure that you are experiencing all that the flower has to offer. Consider some of the above blooms and see which flowers might work well for you this season. And remember that cut flowers do not need direct sunlight, but you do need to keep the reservoir of water full.