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Posted by Kevin Kegan on December 15, 2017 Uncategorized

Floral Trends For The New Year

Here at Blossom Flower Shops, we’re really feeling one of International Floral Distributors floral design picks for 2018. Don’t get us wrong, IFD’s other predictions are exciting, too, but there’s just something about Positively Posh that makes us look ahead to the new year.

So what’s the look? Think layers of delicate petals issuing one after the other, like a ruffle. Imagine a wash of pale hues like pinks and grays, and the unexpected contrast of violet. Dreamy, lavish and romantic, that’s Positively Posh.

This approach is executed beautifully in our Enchanted Roses, a design that feels fresh and new even though it utilizes some of our most classic flowers. Pale roses are nestled tightly together, but you can see their stalks askew through the glass vase. Violet and green blooms add texture and contrast. The overall effect is youthful and whimsical.

You may think this style only works for romantic bouquets, but think again. We predict that this approach will grace tables at events and in the home equally. It can even be brought to the work desk. IFD imagines that everything from wallpaper to fabrics will take their cue from the Positively Posh floral style, which feels distinctly modern even as it nods to more traditional floral customs.