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Blossom Flower Shops

Posted by Kevin Kegan on March 28, 2017 | Last Updated: March 31, 2017 Uncategorized

Floral Designs for Administrative Professionals Week

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We New Yorkers take business very seriously. On any given morning, our roadways and trains are full of people making their way back and forth to a workplace. Many of those employees go throughout most of the year without much recognition, but in April, some of our unsung heroes take center stage! April 26 is National Administrative Professionals Day – and to make sure that no one misses it, the celebration has been extended to include an entire week of honoring these very important people. Who in your organization deserves some accolades? Blossom Flower Shops has the floral designs, green plants, and flowering gardens you’ll need.

Did You Know? The International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) represents the approximately 4 million admin pros working in the United States currently. Only 5% of those in the field are men. floral designs

Whether they are the first face your clients see, or the warm voice answering the phone, administrative professionals are very often on the front line. They also keep everyone’s schedule on-track, make sure that all the paperwork moves along smoothly, and order the company lunches. Let’s face it, the administrative professionals in our organizations keep the business running like a well-oiled machine.

Research has proven time and again that when someone’s efforts are appreciated, they do better work. Employees who feel valued will happily work on extra projects, take fewer personal days, and offer creative solutions to problems. They also tend to stay right where they are, meaning that businesses that regularly affirm their employees suffer less attrition.

Blossom Flower Shops has assembled a collection of bright flowers, orchid plants, and green plant dish garden perfect for any Yonkers or White Plains workplace. Compact enough to sit on a desktop, these floral designs will beautifully convey your appreciation for a job well done. If you have an administrative professional under your charge, April 23rd-29th is your opportunity to let them know that you couldn’t do it without them!