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Posted by Kevin Kegan on August 16, 2017 | Last Updated: August 26, 2022 Uncategorized

Floral Bouquets for September Birthdays

september birthdaysWhen it comes to birthday bouquets, inspiration can come from anywhere. You may wish to celebrate September birthdays with their favorite flowers, or perhaps a balloon arrangement captures the essence of their fun personality. You may send a lavish design showcasing their favorite color – or you may opt to take a more traditional route. The birth flower of September is the aster, and the birthstone is the sapphire. Both of these can provide a great starting point for creating a gift will love.

The team at Blossom Flower Shops loves to create beautiful bouquets and arrangements for every occasion. but there is just something special about a birthday. This month, consider sending sapphire blue flowers or colorful fall asters to honor your loved one’s big day. 

september birthdaysAsters are similar in appearance to daisies and sunflowers. They bloom in the late summer and early fall and occur in a wide spectrum of colors – making them a great choice for September birthdays. The aster is highly complex in its makeup and is actually hundreds of flowers in one! The center colorful disk is comprised of 300 small flowers, around which numerous petals (ray florets) are arranged.These petals can be white, purple, blue, lavender, red or pink in color, and can create a festive display.

Precious Sapphires: The sapphire is one of the most coveted gems in the world. The stone occurs in many colors including orange, green and purple, but it is the iconic vivid blue which is most celebrated – and most valuable. Although you may not be able to purchase a sapphire for your most important September birthdays, you can design a bouquet which is reminiscent of its beauty – choose blue delphinium or blue orchids for uniquely striking designs.

At Blossom Flower Shops, we have been creating exquisite bouquets for decades. You tell us what inspires you, and we’ll design the flowers perfect for the occasion. From White Plains to Yonkers, we’ll deliver the beauty right to their doorstep.