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Posted by Kevin Kegan on June 17, 2016 | Last Updated: August 25, 2022 Uncategorized

Some of Our Favorite Summer Flowers

summer flowersSummer is all about being outside and enjoying nature, and it’s nearly impossible to separate the outdoors from the season – from backyard barbecues and beach picnics; to all types of sports and activities. We just cannot get enough of the warm weather and the bright skies, and summer flowers often have a lot of connection in our summertime memories. Maybe you remember picking flowers for your mom as a child, taking long walks in the local park or gardens with your family, or bringing a bouquet of flowers to your grandmother’s house when you arrived for Sunday dinner.

summer flowers summer flowers

There are certain flowers that have come to represent summer and all the memories associated with it. Without a doubt, one of the most iconic flowers is the sunflower. There likely isn’t a person anywhere, even here in Yonkers, who doesn’t recognize these majestic blooms as a symbol of summertime. When creating the ideal summer floral arrangement, these go-to flowers make a dramatic, sunny statement and bring the cheerful vibe wherever they go. Just like many of us in the summer, sunflowers gravitate towards the sun. Place them outside on the deck, or on your kitchen window sill, and watch them turn throughout the day to face the light.

summer flowersAnother iconic seasonal floral is the daisy. The most well-known version of the daisy is the classic white and yellow variety; these grow readily along roadsides and in personal gardens. If you are looking for a bit more color, however, the gerbera daisy is a perfect choice and a popular selection for floral designers creating arrangements for your summer events. The vivid colors that these flowers bring are as vivid as a summer day. Need more inspiration? Consider adding gladioli, hydrangea, lilies and purple iris – all flowers that have come to represent everything good about summer.

summer flowers

At Blossom Flower Shops, our goal is not just to sell flowers – we aim to create bouquets that fit perfectly into your lifestyle, and reflect your personality in such a way that they create memories. So come in or contact us today, and let’s get started. We wish you an amazing summer filled with amazing summer flowers!