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Posted by Kevin Kegan on February 20, 2024 Uncategorized

Celebrating International Women’s Day with the Perfect Bouquet

International Women’s Day falls on March 8 each year, when we spotlight women’s issues and focus on what matters most. It’s an opportunity to honor the women and supporters who have paved the way for your dreams and recognize the community that has shaped you. The significant colors for this occasion are green (symbolizing hope), purple (representing dignity, justice, and loyalty to the cause), and white (signifying purity). Send a flower arrangement in these shades to the allies and women who have inspired you to persevere, even during challenging times. At Blossom Flower Shop in Yonkers, New York, we’re excited to assist you in commemorating IWD with sincerity, appreciation, and beautiful blooms.


Roses are universally beloved flowers, timeless and cherished in various cultures worldwide. They carry the profound symbolism of love in its myriad of forms. Elevate your gesture by selecting roses in the colors associated with International Women’s Day, or rely on the language of color to communicate a personalized and empowering message to the recipient. For instance, pink roses convey admiration and gratitude, and yellow roses symbolize friendship and joy — ideal sentiments for this special occasion. Whichever path you choose, roses are a meaningful tribute to anyone you wish to celebrate on IWD.


International Women’s Day falls at the end of winter, heralding the arrival of spring in many places. Tulips, known for being spring bloomers, represent renewal and the beginning of a fresh season. Due to this symbolism, gifting someone you admire a tulip bouquet on IWD celebrates their accomplishments and expresses hope for positive changes. It also shows gratitude for their inspiration and influence on your successes. The wide range of tulip varieties offers creative options for bouquets, making them versatile blooms to convey precisely the right sentiment for honoring women and their allies.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies are ambassadors of happiness, adding pops of bright colors to flower bouquets. Their big, cheerful blooms have a natural ability to make people feel joyful. With their distinct charm, Gerbera daisies go above and beyond in their symbolism, embodying the beauty of strength, compassion, and determination. Giving them on International Women’s Day is an impactful way to spread positivity and celebrate achievements. These flowers are also reps of purity, making them a thoughtful choice as we recognize the pure intentions of the people we honor on IWD.


Peonies convey honor, love, and compassion in International Women’s Day bouquets, especially in full bloom. They last quite a while in a vase compared to a number of other blooms; this longevity symbolizes the enduring resilience of women and their passionate spirits. Gifting peonies is a way to show admiration for the long-lasting impact women and their allies have in various aspects of life. Peonies also symbolize prosperity, bringing happiness, success, and positive outcomes for those who receive them.


Orchids offer great versatility in color, shape, and symbolism, based on your choice of blooms. This adaptability provides room for creativity in conveying distinct messages, making orchids perfect for a host of different occasions. With their contemporary and chic look, these tropical flowers resonate with a broad audience, including women and their supporters. Opting for orchids on International Women’s Day is a modern and stylish way to express admiration and gratitude to those who lead the path for women.

Mimosa Flower

Mimosa flowers, also called silver wattle, are the chosen symbolic bloom for International Women’s Day because they represent sensitivity, strength, and sensibility. Consider using vibrant yellow daisies to infuse a similar warmth and energy into your bouquets for this occasion. Combine them with fresh spring greenery and accent flowers like goldenrod, yellow alstroemeria, wax flower, and gold aster to create a rich and abundant bouquet. Alternatively, you can opt for yellow chrysanthemums, which symbolize friendship, happiness, and trust, to achieve a similar heartwarming effect.

Flowers are tokens of appreciation that speak louder than words. When you give someone you look up to a bouquet, it’s saying, “Here’s a token of my appreciation for all the inspiration and strength you share.” Let Blossom Flower Shop help you celebrate the people you admire this International Women’s Day.

Flowers to Honor International Women's Day