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Posted by Kevin Kegan on July 6, 2015 | Last Updated: August 25, 2022 Uncategorized

Dressing Up by Blending In with Outdoor Plants

outdoor plants Yonkers, NYWhen creating an outdoor space, utilizing natural elements is a great way to blend inside influences into the landscape. For instance, if you have an open patio space, “build” natural walls with rose garden trellises or rows of closely placed potted evergreen bushes or small trees. These barriers create the illusion of a room, giving privacy while immersing you in nature. A great way to provide a dramatic space is to use muted furniture elements – wood tones or subtle grays – with pillows, flowers and detail accents that draw on vibrant color palettes.

best outdoor plants for your design

Arbicola Plant

When choosing potted flowers, don’t forget that their containers can add much to the décor of an outdoor patio or deck. From terra cotta pots to woven baskets; from painted buckets to polished glass vases – that which holds the floral arrangements can provide interesting texture and detailing above and beyond the plants themselves. The flowers and plants you choose ultimately will set the tone for the space you are creating. Whether you choose lush green potted plants and trees; climbing blooms, or huge bouquets of wildflowers, your personality shines through. Consider the space you have – the amount of sun and shade, as well as the temperatures overnight – when searching our website for ideas.

As a last point, don’t forget to tie in the lighting elements as well. A romantically designed rose patio, for instance, may lose character and ambiance in the evening under harsh light. Think instead of candlelight or strings of sparkling lights. When designing a pastoral, country backyard, old fashioned lanterns would be a fitting touch. Here at Blossom, we look forward to helping you to create a unique and personal outdoor space limited only by your ideas. If you have a dream backyard, we’ll help you build it. Come into Blossom Flower Shops today, and enjoy the rest of your summer in a beautiful space all your own!