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Posted by Kevin Kegan on February 10, 2015 Uncategorized

What the Different Colors of Roses Mean

What the Different Colors of Roses MeanHave you ever wondered what all the colors of roses meant? Well, with Valentine’s Day on the way, now is the time to find out! For a fast reference, check out our rose meanings page. Otherwise, keep reading for an in-depth look at the symbols and meanings associated with roses of every shade!


Red roses are the ultimate Valentine’s Day flower because they represent love, romance and passion. These flowers are also sometimes given as a sign of respect or admiration. The darker shades of red are used to let someone know that you think they’re beautiful.


These roses can be used to express a variety of things, from gratitude to admiration. The most important meanings revolve around elegance, gentility, refinement and femininity. Different shades of pink also hold slightly different meanings. Dark pinks work best to thank someone, while light pinks convey sweetness and joy.


Like most white flowers, white roses represent purity, innocence and humility. Because these are one of the most traditional wedding flowers, they have also come to symbolize young love and new beginnings.


Peach roses have two primary meanings. They are often presented as a “Thank-you” gift, which strongly associates these flowers with gratitude. In pale shades, these roses also convey a sense of modesty.

Coral and Salmon

These shades are a mixture of pink and orange, and they’re the perfect Valentine’s Day flowers if you’re in a new relationship or if you’d like to surprise your crush. This spicy shade represents one thing: desire.


Orange is an energetic color. Give this color when you want to convey your enthusiasm, excitement, passion or attraction.


Yellow roses come with a variety of meanings. The warmth of this color lends a sense of friendship and joy to any occasion. These roses are also used to welcome someone home, express your delight or to simply show that you care for someone.

Lavender and Purple

Because lavender and purple roses are so rare, they lend an aura of mystery to a bouquet. Use these flowers to let a special someone know that you’re enchanted by them.


It’s amazing just how many things you can say with roses. For Valentine’s Day, choose the most symbolic color for your special someone, or create your own message with several shades of your choosing. Visit our website or stop in at Blossom Flower to preorder your Valentine’s roses before the big day!