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Posted by Kevin Kegan on June 1, 2017 | Last Updated: August 25, 2022 Uncategorized

A Month to Celebrate Beautiful Roses

beautiful rosesJune is National Rose Month, which gives us the chance to officially celebrate how much we love roses. Roses are not only the most popular flowers overall for all occasions, but they also are pretty amazing! This month, in recognition of this classic and timeless flower, we thought we would share some interesting trivia about beautiful roses.

If you are sending floral designs or arrangements to someone you love, start at Blossom Flower Shops. For National Rose Month – and all year long – we have the most beautiful roses in White Plains and Yonkers. Roses of Many Hues: Roses grow in many colors. However, you will never find a true blue or black rose – they are missing a necessary gene needed to create delphinidin, which is the source of blue coloring. “Black roses” are actually a very dark shade of red.

beautiful roses
Lovers of the North:
Although there are over 150 species of rose in the world, none are native to the Southern Hemisphere.

Roses That Exceed Expectations: There is a rose bush in Germany which has been blooming for well over 1,000 years continuously – there are records of the same bush from as far back as 815 AD.. There is a another rosebush in Tombstone, Arizona which, when in full bloom, exhibits over 200,000 blooms on a single bush.
A Rose of Great Price: In the Middle Ages, rose oil was considered a sign of great opulence. Royalty and the socially elite used the oil to scent their baths, but it was not for the every day  – it takes about 60,000 flowers to make a single fluid ounce of rose oil.

For these and many other reasons, roses are incredible flowers. This June, in honor of National Rose Month, tell someone you love that they are just as incredible, with a bouquet of beautiful roses from Blossom Flower Shops.