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Posted by flowermanager on February 25, 2009 Greenolution!


Blossom Flower Shops has informed all of our associates, that we are making a New Year’s Resolution to an Eco Friendly GREENOLUTION!.
Our own consumption of resources will be more efficiently recycled.
We are carefully selecting environmentally friendly products for the office, work area, and consumer. All of our fresh produce will be grown sustainably and/or
organically to preserve our most valuable resources: farms.
In the future we hope to create a healthier community and environment and
What does this all mean?According to the OTA (Organic Trade Association) the term “organic” in terms of agriculture practices means to “maintain and replenish soil fertility without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers.” This term is not just limited to plants,
crops or flowers; organic livestock is another controversial product that consumers are
now in high demand. The practice of Sustainability is supported by many farms in foreign
countries for three main reasons.
1) Soil quality & sustainability in which will help
protect their farms and surrounding ecosystems
(which must be accomplished before becoming certified organic).
2) Fair labor practice to help ensure the health,
safety and fairness of all employed at these farms.
3) Quality and beauty of the product outcome.
Please feel free to post any ideas or tips in the comment section to help BLOSSOM FLOWER SHOPS GREENOULUTION!


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