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Posted by Kevin Kegan on June 29, 2016 | Last Updated: August 25, 2022 Uncategorized

Birthday Flowers for July at Blossom Flower Shop

july birthdaysIt’s July, which means it’s the month of summer fun and festivities. With all the excitement going on around you, from vacations to parties, don’t forget to send a gift to all your friends and family with birthdays in July. If you aren’t sure what to send, let the experts at Blossom Flower Shop help you to put together an easy yet thoughtful floral arrangement, inspired by the birthstone of the month, the timeless and coveted ruby.

july birthdaysThe month of July is privileged to have one of the most valuable stones in the world representing it. The ruby has been revered throughout history as the stone of royals. Kings and queens fought to acquire the rarest gems, and there is even a popular legend in Chinese mythology that claimed an emperor had offered to give the rule of an entire city to whoever brought him a perfect ruby. The jewel is remarkable, that is certain, with its claim to fame being the vibrancy of the red hue. The color is what makes it so rare, as a true “ruby red” stone rarely occurs in nature; most stones available are enhanced to bring them to the coveted shade that royalty desired. At Blossom Flower Shop, our designers are inspired by this bright and bold gemstone and have created arrangements that use the king of flowers – the red rose – to express the special nature of the July birthday. Whether in a classic, lavish bouquet or a modern, trendy arrangement – we would love to create a ruby gift for those you love.

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In the past, many civilizations believed that these stones were endowed with mystical powers that brought about good health and wealth. Pass along that sentiment to all of your July birthday celebrants, with a floral work of art created by the professional designers at Blossom Flower Shops.