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Posted by Kevin Kegan on May 25, 2016 | Last Updated: August 25, 2022 Uncategorized

A Touch of the Tropics

Summer is the season for outdoor activities, tropical vacations, and endless hours spent making memories with family and friends. Although your schedule may not allow for an exotic getaway this year, the florists at Blossom Flower Shops have created the perfect additions to your space, guaranteed to make you feel like you have drifted away to paradise. The tropics are home to some of the world’s most strikingly beautiful and rare plants and flowers, and we have some of the best for you to showcase in your home this summer.
tropical flowersOrchids are one of the most popular of the ornamental blooms and are highly sought after flowers because of their remarkable beauty and their unique appearance. These delicate blooms originate all over the globe. However, the great majority of varieties are found in the rainforests of Central and South America. If getting out of New York for the summer just isn’t in the plans, you can always add a touch of the tropics with a potted orchid that exudes the ambiance of paradise. Available in a surprisingly wide array of colors, including purple, pink, white, yellow, and orange – orchids can brighten up a room with elegance and class, while still giving you that laid back and relaxed vibe.

tropical flowersBromeliads traditionally grow in the forests of South America – mostly in Brazil. These colorful flowering plants can be right at home on your back porch, patio or sunroom, and infuse the spirit of the rainforest into your space. Select multiple colors and containers for a unique indoor garden display worthy of being on vacation. Adding flowers to your space can lift your mood and help set the tone for your gatherings.

You may not think it possible to bring a bit of island paradise to Yonkers and White Plains, but doing so is as easy as calling Blossom Flower Shops.