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Posted by Kevin Kegan on September 29, 2021 | Last Updated: October 14, 2021 Uncategorized

A Guide to Autumn’s Trendiest Colors and Flowers

When we think of fall colors our mind typically goes to yellow, orange, red, and brown hues. As the leaves change into these beautiful colors and the fall foliage creates a stunning landscape, our home decor and fashion trends reflect the change of season, too. While they are often influenced by the natural tones of Mother Nature, every year we see new color trends to help brighten up the tone of fall. This year, Pantone is predicting unique color trends for the 2021 fall and winter, and here at Blossom Flower Shops, the best florist in White Plains and Yonkers, we are pairing these hues with our favorite flowers.

Pantone’s Fall Color Trends & Your Favorite Fall Flowers

Green Hues

A lot of the colors and tones we see in fall fashion and home decor are inspired by what we see outside, like bright green leaves ready to turn, green grass and shrubs, and green pumpkin stems. This year, Pantone is also talking about “leprechaun” and “olive branch” green hues for creating fresh, lucky, and uplifting moods. Find these colors in flower bouquets with succulents, orchids, eucalyptus, and hydrangea.

Blue Hues

Blue is a popular color for almost every season. In the autumn, we lean towards deep blues that beautifully accompany a deep green. This fall, we are celebrating all blue hues, from Pantone’s “rhodonite” to “spring lake” and “Mykonos blue.” Spying your favorite blue flowers in autumn arrangements is easy, as many can be filled with delphinium, hydrangea, iris, aster, blue thistle flower, and orchids.

Yellow Hues

Yellow has become a staple in the fall color palette, especially Pantone’s color of the year, “illuminating yellow.” This cheerful and uplifting color paints autumn foliage, crops, like squash and corn, and is seen as a trending tone for fall fashion and interior design. You are bound to see your most adored yellow blooms in seasonal arrangements with many floral designers choosing yellow mums, daisies, roses, sunflowers, gladiolus, and Craspedia billy balls.

Pink Hues

As summer comes to a close, many people assume that the time for blush and fuchsia tones has also ended. But this year, Pantone has another idea as their “pale rosette” and “fuchsia fedora” are earning their spot on this autumn’s list of trending colors. Fun, flirty, sweet, and graceful, pink adds another perspective when we view fall tones. Since these hues are here to stay, alstroemeria, roses, calla lilies, gerbera daisies, carnations, peonies, and more are fair game when it comes to designing seasonal floral arrangements.

Red Hues

Wrapping yourself in a cozy red plaid blanket, flannel, or scarf while you pick red delicious apples is a classic way to celebrate this autumnal season. With red in mind, Pantone has made space for “fire whirl” on its list of trendy fall tones. While creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere, red mums, carnations, and roses will help create a space that is ready to embrace the crip fall season.

White Hues

Clean and crisp contrasting shades that create a minimalist and hygge feeling to your home are none other than Pantone’s “coconut cream” and “soybean.” These off-white hues rival the old “no white after Labor Day” phenomenon, and we are fully supporting it. From faux fur to white pumpkins and flowers like anemone, calla lilies, orchids, hydrangea, carnations, roses, and daisies, no other fall color creates such a wonderful, bright, and inviting home for the season.

Brown Hues

Wood burning in a fire, the chocolate in your s’mores, and afternoon coffee or dark tea, and the natural tones of wooden decor and tree stumps on front porches help position brown as a classic autumn color. Providing comfort and warmth during a season of transition, Pantone is suggesting “adobe” and “root beer” as big players in the fall color trend of 2021. We must agree, brown adds a seasonal flare to bouquets with accents found in the center of blooms, like daisies and sunflowers, dried leaves, lotus pods, and decorative sticks. 

Fall flower arrangements are just as breathtaking, fresh, and fabulous as spring and summer flower arrangements. They provide natural and living decor for your home to truly liven up and freshen up your home. We are certain that you will find the perfect autumn blooms here at Blossom Flower Shops to match the trends of the season and seamlessly blend into your home decor.


A mauve colored glass vase features dusty pink roses, peach lisianthus, and white hydrangea beautifully complimented by a large banksia protea and elegant white pumpkin for a gorgeous twist on the autumn season.


A show stopping array of seasonal kale, local lisianthus, pincushion protea, roses, and lilies arranged with blue hydrangea creates the perfect fall feeling. This is a wonderful floral design ideal for any of life's occasions.