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Posted by Kevin Kegan on July 25, 2014 | Last Updated: August 18, 2014 Uncategorized

3 Things To Consider When Sending An Office Arrangement

Floral arrangements make the perfect gift for nearly any occasion — a birthday, an anniversary or as a token of sympathy. They can express emotions, such as gratitude or excitement. Flowers can even serve as the perfect apology. Flowers nearly always bring a smile to a person’s face and help to brighten up their day, which is why many people send them to offices in order to surprise someone who is working. The next time you plan to send an office arrangement, keep the following considerations in mind.

3 Things to Consider When Sending an Office Arrangement

  • Make sure that it is an appropriate occasion for sending flowers to an office. You don’t want to make someone feel uncomfortable if the flowers are related to a personal situation that should not be discussed at work. It would be appropriate to send flowers for certain occasions or events, such as a promotion at work, a birthday, an anniversary or as a token of sympathy. If the floral arrangement is for more personal matters, consider sending them to the person’s home.
  • Choose an appropriately-sized arrangement. You will want it to be able to fit comfortably on a desk or in an office. If the person works in a large office, you may be able to opt for a sizeable arrangement. Keep it simple and sweet if the person sits at a cubicle or at a front desk area.
  • Consider the scent of the flowers that you are sending. You will want to choose flowers that are lightly scented or unscented so as not to offend or disturb anyone else who is working in the office. Ask the professionals at Blossom Flower for tips on choosing the best lightly-scented flowers for an office arrangement.

Work days can be dull, boring and repetitive, and many offices lack color and atmosphere. Sending a bouquet of fresh and beautiful flowers is a wonderful way to show someone that you are thinking of them, and this gesture will surely help them have a better day at work. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to cheer someone up, and order a gorgeous yet appropriate office arrangement today.