Our History


In 1925, Thomas Kegan opened Blossom Flower Shop of Fordham on the corner of Fordham and Webster Avenue. He was a Greek in the middle of an Irish neighborhood, a former boxer, and a keen businessman. He quickly connected with the other business owners in the community - the shoemaker, the butcher. In those days, everyone helped each other out. The neighborhood was everything.

Kegan proved to be an ambitious, progressive florist with a gift for marketing. Blossom flourished, thanks to his forward-thinking approach. When he retired in the 1980s, having already passed the baton to his son Thomas H., he left a wealth of experience and knowledge in his wake. "Your name has to be a part of what you do" was one kernel. The fact that he had wanted the shop to be on a corner for more visibility and to reach more people was another. To this day, we can still be found on the corner, this time at McLean Avenue and Sterling.

Under the leadership of Thomas H., Blossom continued to grow in all ways, expanding to several stores and sharing in co-op buying with other local florists. Their partnership recalled those earliest days in the Bronx. Together, the network pooled their resources, ensuring that the freshest and best quality flowers would get to the people who wanted them as efficiently (and economically) as possible.

Thomas H. handed the keys over to his son Kevin when he was just 21. Over the decades, Kevin and his wife Sue have brought the same energy and vision to ensuring Blossom's success. Today, the shop sources from across the world and serves it, too. As one of the first 50 florists to go digital, Blossom has been online since 2000. Our reach may be bigger than ever, but we're still that neighborhood shop on the corner.