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Secret Santa Gifts They’ll Swoon Over

Do you love Secret Santa as much as we here at Blossom Flower Shops do? We're hoping so, because this holiday gift swap - part of a family of such games, along with Yankee Swap, White Elephant, even Conspiracy Santa - is a whole bunch of fun. And if you aren't familiar with how it works, allow us to give you a primer. Basically, your group comes together to draw names. Whoever you draw is the person you'll be buying a (usually price-capped) gift for. The fun part? You won't tell them you're the giver. Well, not if you can help it (and you should!) Read More about Secret Santa Gifts They’ll Swoon Over »
Posted by Kevin Kegan on December 1, 2017 Christmas

Unique Secret Santa Gifts

Creating a Secret Santa¬†exchange at your place of business - or even among your friends - is a great way to embrace the joy of holiday gift giving without breaking the budget. The rules of engagement differ from place to place - some give a series of small gifts throughout a set time frame, others add a final large gift at a party or gathering. For those looking for Secret Santa gifts that aren't trite and overdone, Blossom Flower Shops has the ideas to inspire you.¬† Read More about Unique Secret Santa Gifts »
Posted by Kevin Kegan on December 1, 2016 | Last Updated: December 2, 2016 Christmas